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Open-Power and Energy Optimization PLatform and Estimator


A platform for estimating and optimizing the power and energy consumption of complex electronic systems

  • Open : internet portal, partners club
  • Extensible : online measurements and model development


Software platform via internet portal or local client

Hardware platform with automatic measurements to develop new models

Methods and tools for consumption estimation and optimization

A library of standardized software and hardware components models

  • Models for complete platforms
  • Models for operating systems services


  • Video (analytic + compression)
  • Telecommunications (SDR)


Integration of high-level power models in Model Driven Engineering

Consumption analysis for:

  • Reconfigurable components
  • Operating systems and power management services
  • Heterogeneous multi-processor platforms
  • Memory transfer optimization

Compiler optimization for peak power reduction

Power and energy models standardization

Generic models for generic components

A Domain Specific Language for power analysis

Global architecture of the Open-PEOPLE platform


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